We automate your crypto portfolio with a platform that maximizes your cryptocurrency investments. Whether you’re starting to invest in cryptocurrencies or you already have a portfolio, we allow you to invest more effectively with rebalancing, one-click purchases and fee minimization.

Invest in one click

Invest into an entire crypto portfolio using fiat with a single click. Buying crypto can be needlessy complicated — multiple exchanges, numerous fees, non-obvious cost basis. We built ChainCapital to make this easy. Connect your exchanges and our algorithms will do the rest, minimizing fees along the way.

Design your portfolio

ChainCapital takes the guesswork out of getting started. Diversify your investments across algorithmically curated portfolios—such as the top 20 coins by market cap—or define your own rules.

Optimize for growth

Take advantage of automated rebalancing, diversification and dollar cost averaging. Our algorithms are optimized to reduce exchange fees and increase your returns with every single transaction—you don’t need to be an expert to optimize with ChainCapital.

Interested in automating your portfolio?

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How it works

Design your portfolio

Select from our curated portfolios designed for returns or choose your own blend of symbols.

Connect exchanges

Connect with trade-only access to Binance, and add your GDAX or Coinbase accounts for fiat support

Make a deposit

Deposit fiat into ChainCapital to automate your portfolio, then you’re set.

Kick back and relax

Our algorithms will handle all transactions to balance your incoming funds across your portfolio

We work with:

Automate your investments

Technology empowers cryptocurrencies — while managing your portfolio is manual and time consuming. ChainCapital uses software to coordinate and manage your investment strategy with zero manual steps.

Buy any crypto with fiat, once or regularly. Leverage our technology to buy any token with fiat with zero manual steps.

You’re in control. Assets are held in your exchange accounts, giving you full control. ChainCapital can also optionally transfer to your own wallet.

Minimize fees. Our algorithms are tuned to minimize fees across purchases, exchanges, and trades, every step of the way.

Keep track of all transactions. We record every transaction and every step, organizing all data to minimize any tax liabilities that may occur.


Build the perfect portfolio

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Manage risk by building a well-balanced portfolio.

Build your own portfolio

Portfolio templates

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry — you can choose from a selection of algorithmically curated portfolio templates specifically designed for risk diversification. Invest in the top 20 coins by market cap in a single click.

Build your own

Make your own rules. Pick the coins to include in your portfolio and define the percentage of allocation for each. We’ll take it from there.

Balancing and rebalancing

Maintain your desired portfolio allocations over time. We automatically invest new deposits in the best possible way to balance out the portfolio. You can also enable active re-balancing (one time or recurring) to maximize gains as the market shifts.

Track and manage

See and manage every portfolio, transaction, and more right from your Dashboard. Get live performance metrics.

Risk/reward analysis

Run simulations based on historical data. See how your portfolio compares to a benchmark such as Bitcoin in terms of performance and volatility.


How secure is ChainCapital?

We take security very seriously and make it a top priority.

  • Our infrastructure is hosted on Google Cloud Platform which provides world-class secure infrastructure -- the same trusted by Google and many others.
  • ChainCapital employs several security measures to help ensure the authenticity, integrity and privacy of data
  • All data in transit is encrypted and authenticated at the network layer (browser to server, server to server, server to database)
  • Data at rest is always encrypted prior to being written to disk
  • For the most sensitive data (such as API Keys), we employ Hardware Security Modules (HSM) to encrypt data using specialized hardware at the infrastructure layer. This guarantees that your data is unreadable outside of our infrastructure and leaves an unavoidable audit trail.

How can I trust ChainCapital?

Your cryptocurrencies will never leave your possession and will be held on your own exchange accounts. You can even ask ChainCapital to automatically transfer your exchange balances to your own wallets — hardware or otherwise. In no circumstance ChainCapital will hold your assets or your private keys.

Your exchange keys are encrypted via an HSM and are only accessible within our secure infrastructure. They are never exposed to any user-facing services once saved.

Do you need my private keys?

No. We never ask for your private wallet keys. They’re yours and only yours, as it should be.

When will ChainCapital launch?

A limited private beta will open next month. Sign up now to reserve a spot! ChainCapital will announce General Availability (GA) in late Q2 2018.

How much does ChainCapital cost?

During the beta our service is completely free.

We’ll transition to paid accounts a month after our GA launch. We’re working on our pricing model, and all beta users will be grandfathered into a discounted tier.

Why should I rebalance my portfolio?

The market constantly moves and so does your portfolio. This creates a drift between your target portfolio and what the actual holdings are. Over time, the gap will continue to grow, drifting away from your original goal.

This can lead to increased risk since you might end up being more vested in a certain assets than you’d be comfortable with.

Rebalancing your portfolio will help you maintain your original portfolio targets and allow you to implement any changes you make. Essentially, rebalancing will help you stick to your investing plan regardless of how the market moves.

What is the difference between active and passive rebalancing?

Active and Passive Rebalancing are both features provided by ChainCapital to help you rebalance portfolios to a set of target allocations (either original allocations or new target allocations).

The difference between the two is in how they achieve a balance:

  • Passive rebalancing will invest new funds in the best possible way to balance out a portfolio without selling any holding
  • Active rebalancing, on the other hand, works by selling assets that outgrew the desired allocation in exchange for assets that are currently underweight

In other words, passive rebalancing works by intelligently investing new funds while active rebalancing trades existing holdings.

Note that, depending on your country of residence, active rebalancing may be considered a taxable event since you are selling assets that grew in value. For this reason, passive rebalancing is active by default while active rebalancing must be used manually (either one-time or recurring).

What are the portfolio templates supported by ChainCapital?

During the Beta, you will be able to invest in the Top 20 Cryptocurrencies weighted by Market Capitalization (as reported by coinmarketcap). We will be releasing new templates soon after.

You can also create your own template suited for your needs in a few clicks (even during the beta).